Eastside Regenerative Medical


Primary Care | Internal Medicine

Eastside Regenerative Medical has been serving patients in Kirkland, Washington for the past 20 years.  The core foundation has always been excellent primary care rooted in the principles of internal medicine with a focus on prevention and health.  Throughout the years that pursuit has brought services to accomplish these goals.   This most recently has included a partnering with Regenerative Medical Group (RMG) that breaks open new opportunities of healing and living in a state of health through regenerative medicine.  We are in a pursuit of shifting the focus from disease to living an abundant life.

Who We are

Eastside Regenerative Medical and RMG is a dynamic association comprised of physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists and nurses.  Our aim is to be at the cutting edge of medicine.  We strive to provide for our patients the best of internal medicine and regenerative medicine.  Our approach is from a solid internal medicine foundation dealing with disease which includes modern pharmaceutical medicine.  While our regenerative medicine focuses on health prevention and addressing the bodies naturally occurring conditions resulting from age, other health conditions and /or prescription medication themselves.

  11415 SLATER AVE. NE KIRKLAND, WA 98033 | care@rmg.life