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brain and gait rehab

brain and gait rehab

Falling or the fear of falling often deters older adults from performing their daily activities. Falls can often lead to severe injuries that may include bone fractures, spinal injuries and even brain injuries. Research indicates that a cumulative effect of multiple interacting factors can increase the fall risk in an individual. 

While the conventional approach is to help a patient by treating their injuries, after the fall has already occured. But for most older adults the ability to be stable declines considerably from the age of 50 onwards and according to the CDC, about three million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall related injuries. 

With a fatality rate of 64 deaths per 100,000 among older adults, it is of paramount importance to take a proactive approach in dealing with falls among elderly, so that natural degeneration doesn't have to lead to serious injuries or even fatality.

What is The Brain & Gait Rehab Program?

The Brain and Gait Rehab program is a comprehensive program designed by a team of experts to help reduce the possibility of life changing falls in older adults, with a focus on prevention, not reaction.  The Brain and Gait Rehab program is all about early intervention and anticipating falls through prognosis that help predict falls among elderly before they occur. 

The Brain and Gait Rehab program is an eight-week program, where our team performs detailed evaluations and designs customized treatment plans for individuals with a history of falling or possibility of future falls.

How does The Brain and Gait Rehab program work?

We make use of a non-invasive multi-electrode device to detect any irregularities in brainwave activities.

The qEEG data is used by experts to evaluate and plan the training program that is designed to address an individuals’ unique needs and impact Gait training through brain connectivity. 

Our customized physical training program includes exercises that help in muscle strengthening, balance retraining and gait training.


What can you expect?

The program’s core objective is to help an individual:

  • Manage and decrease factors pertaining to fall risks
  • Improve mobility and to help stay independent 
  • Identify and implement lifestyle changes that mitigate the risk of falling
  • Help build endurance and strengthen gait using a customized exercise routine
  • Avoiding falls and assuaging the fear of falling

At Eastside Regenerative Medical located in Kirkland WA, we understand your need to be autonomous, that's why we encourage our patients to make important choices that help reduce the risk of falling. Dr. Marinkovich and his team of Neurotherapist, Kinesiologists and clinicians have introduced the Brain & Gait Rehab Program to enable older adults to avoid falls proactively. 

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