Our bodies are remarkably designed with innate healing processes that restore and rejuvenate. When we experience a cut or a scrape, our body has the amazing ability to heal itself on it's own. If we get a cold or the flu, our bodies normally respond quickly and get us back on the road to good health.

Regenerative medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on utilizing and optimizing the natural self-healing processes that are a part of our bodies to improve our health and well-being. It also includes things that we wouldn't normally attribute to the field of regenerative medicine, such as, organ transplants (whether real or artificial), tissue engineering, cellular therapies, and more.

Our Goal

RMG is an innovative group of multifaceted clinicians dedicated to optimizing patient outcomes by individualizing and tailoring treatments to patients’ needs. Our goal is to provide well-rounded and effective care for our patients.

All patients are monitored to optimize and enhance the outcome of the numerous treatments offered. Foundational to the success of RMG are unique programs that are rooted in continuous global research, which keeps the information current, accurate and authoritative. To date, we have helped numerous patients using Regenerative therapies. Our customized IV program helps improve health, decrease Emergency visits, maintain optimal nutrition and immunity.

We recently expanded the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) that include Brain Mapping, Training, Reality Rehab and Virtual Rehab therapies to improve brain connectivity, gross, fine motor skills and balance. These translate to more independence in their daily living. For continuation of patient care, we routinely adapt and implement innovation to improve patient care and follow up.