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Immunotherapy strengthens your immune system and helps it to detect and fight cancerous cells effectively. According to NIH, targeted cancer therapy blocks cancer growth by interfering with specific molecules that are involved in the growth, progression and spread of cancer . The process involves drawing your blood, then identifying your cancerous cells and your immune cells and differentiating them. The immune cells are grown in the presence of your cancer cells and trained to identify special markers that make your cancer cells unique and able to hide within your body. Your custom-made immune cells target and destroy only your cancerous cells while leaving your healthy cells untouched. An individual, personalized protocol will be made specifically for you to ensure maximal benefit whilst minimizing any harmful effects that the cancer may have caused to your body


How safe is Immunotherapy?

Randomized Controlled Trials have established the safety and efficacy of Immunotherapy in different cancers. We have not had any cases of our patients getting sick from Immunotherapy

What type of cancers are treated?

A wide range of cancers including, but not limited to, Breast, Pancreatic, Colon, Prostate, Liver, Skin, Lung, Stomach, Lymphomas… etc. 

Where is the Immunotherapy prepared?

The process is completed at an internationally approved laboratory 

How long will it take for me to know whether the treatment is working or not?

Within approximately one month, the timing depends on an individual case by case basis 

How long have you been working with this lab in treating cancer patients?

We have been using the same lab for the past 7 years

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