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How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections Works?

Have you heard of athletes like Tiger Woods getting platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections to help heal an injury? These shots, which are based on your own blood, are increasingly being used to treat sports injuries or injuries from trauma, help wounds heal after surgery and even use it as a cosmetic procedure to target signs of aging, such as wrinkles. But does it work?

In recent years, doctors have learned that the body has the ability to heal itself from the inside out. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that can harness those abilities and magnify the natural growth factors your body uses to heal tissue.

Here’s what to keep in mind.

PRP, (platelet rich plasma), is one of the most preferred treatments for soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries. Many world class athletes have been treated with this procedure like Tiger Woods mentioned above. Additionally, PRP has cosmetic significance in skin and hair rejuvenation. PRP is effective because it contains healing factors, growth factors and many other proteins isolated from a patient’s own blood which act as tissue repair facilitators. PRP injections are a way of helping your body to heal itself using concentrated doses of your own healing cells. PRP helps in recovery of damaged tendons, ligaments, some mild forms of arthritic conditions and fractures.

If you’re looking for a provider that specializes in PRP injections, Dr. Frank Marinkovich at Eastside Family Health in Kirkland, is the place to go. They are experts in performing PRP injections and other forms of regenerative medicine.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a substance that’s thought to promote healing when injected. Plasma is a component of your blood that contains special “factors,” or proteins, that help your blood to clot. It also contains proteins that support healing. Researchers have produced PRP by isolating plasma from blood and concentrating it. PRP is one of the most popular treatments for soft-tissue and musculoskeletal injuries. PRP can also be used to boost the growth of healthy skin and hair.

How do PRP injections work?

The first stage in your PRP therapy is taking a sample of your blood. Your provider at Eastside Family Health Center draws off blood from a vein in your arm, just as if you were giving a blood donation.

These types of improperly healed injuries are a common cause of chronic musculoskeletal pain. They also cause weakness in the affected tissues so you might find you haven’t got full use of the affected limb or joint. PRP injections give your body the extra lift it needs to complete the healing task. Since the ingredients in PRP come from your body, PRP injections are a very safe form of treatment, with virtually no possibility of an adverse reaction.

What conditions can PRP injections treat? ​

PRP injections are a useful option for soft-tissue injuries like sprains and strains that won’t heal properly. The Eastside Family Health Center team has had success with treating patients who have conditions like:

  • Joint pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Patellar tendinitis
  • Hamstring strains
  • Rotator cuff injuries

Eastside Family Health Center provides primary and regenerative services in Kirkland, WA as an extension of Regenerative Medical Group who has been providing medical care for over 20 years throughout the U.S.  The Care Team also offers therapies that have been proven by medical research worldwide in their efficacy and safety. Our providers individualize the treatments to meet patients’ needs and monitor patients after completed treatments to ensure positive outcomes. The services provided include innovative regenerative medicine treatments such as, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), immunotherapy, intravenous (IV) infusion therapy, in addition to primary care.

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